Our retail unit is Flower Island, situated in the heart of Szőreg, on Szerb street, close to the church and the school. We are offering indoor and pot flowers in our 700 m2 greenhouse. On a 2000 m2 free territory, we are selling the following park building plants and additional materials: pine crust, special potting soils, ceramics, flowerboxes, nutrient solutions, flower arranging supplies, packaging.

Exclusive plant implantation order, and plant hiring is also possible.

Plants for all occasions

The plants highly contribute to the demanding and pleasant development of our surroundings, being the perfect choice as decorative elements for different events. Flower Island awaits you, clients and customers with a wide range of offers and a variety of services for all occasions.

  • Garden care: a wide range of plants, flowers, flower bulbs, gardening and park-building materials, decorative elements can be found in our shop. If you lack the opportunity of arranging your garden, then our company is at your disposal, regarding planting of plants, too.
  • Indoor plants: our company awaits the dear clients with a variety of pot plants, pots and flowerboxes. Furthermore, we also provide plant care products, like for instance a wide range of potting soils and nutrient solutions.
  • Decorations: materials for flower arrnangements, cut flowers, decorative elements.
  • Occasions: for our customers, plant hiring is also possible, for different occasions, events. Flower bouquets and arrangements can be ordered for all kinds of events.

Our plants:

Nursery products:

- Fruit trees and berry seedlings
- Rose stems (bush, climbing, park and high stem roses)
- Perennials and rockeries
- Ornamental shrubs, evergreens
- Conifers (emerald thuja, creeping junipers, grafts)
- Seasonal plants (balcony plants, herbaceous plants, geraniums)
- Potting soils, barks / mulch

Indoor plants:

- Solitary plants
- Green and flowering indoor plants
- Forced flower bulbs

Other Services:

- Making of flower bowls
- Plants with decoration
- Making of bouquets
- Events decoration
- Funeral, burial decorations

Address: 6771 Szeged-Szőreg, str. Szerb nr. 17.

Open: Monday – Saturday (07:00 – 16:30)

Mobile: +36 20 4488 315 (Kovács Zsuzsanna and Gál Tamás)