City of Nagyszentmiklós, Romania 2010

Public area landscaping

Planting traffic islands with roses and planting roundabouts with the perennials and herbaceous plants.

Szegedi Zoo

Garden building (horticulture)

Our specialists have built tulip and rose gardens in the zoo, to the visitors delight.

Garden Expo

Budapest Sportaréna

Garden exposition

In 2012 we provided the Dutch tulips, being labelled as the main attraction of the exposition, raising this way the level of the event.

IPM Essen


IPM Essen is among the biggest horticultural events, with special emphasis on flower arrangement and flower trade. Products of huge trend-shaping companies and publishers are presented here. Kocsis Flora is also present each and every year at this well-known and highly recognized event. First of all, with the rose stems from our own production we try to mesmerize the traders.

Hortus Hungaricus

Hortus Hungaricus - International Horticultural Exhibition and Trade Fair Golden award

In 2011, our Zöld Zebra (Green Zebra) team earned the golden award at the Hungarian  horticultural competition.

Kayak-Canoe World Championship Szeged 2011

Kayak-Canoe World Championship Szeged 2011
Our plants at the Kayak-Canoe World Championship in Szeged 2011