Our nursery located in the biggest and oldest agricultural region of Hungary in the delta of the river Tisza and the river Maros in the South-East area. The high quality alluvial soil is a great natural resource of this region which – together with traditional knowledge – makes sure that our products are the highest quality.

Rose stems production has more than 100 year-old history in our region, our company has been growing roses for 35 years and cooperates with 20-22 other growers. From our local production of annuals, balcony and container plants, cut flowers and Poinsettias, wholesale amounts are available, produced in our total of 7.800 m2 heated green houses, plastic tunnels and outdoors.

Local production and buy up

Through the year we offer our local quality rose stems with free roots, root packed and in container. Wide range of Teahybrid, Polyantha, Floribunda, climbing and high stem roses are available but we continuously increase our variety assortment. 

Transportation (inland/abroad)

We provide and organize direct wholesale distributions in Hungary (primarily from our own productions) around Gödöllõ, Szigetszentmiklós, Nyíregyháza, Szeghalom and Kecskemét. 

With our vehicle fleet we undertake transport towards Western Europe, the Benelux and to Romania.


We take orders for cut flowers, pot plants, shrubs, annuals, flower bulbs, accessories and decoration materials. Trucks with imported products arrive to our premises twice a week and we deliver order with our own conveyances in Hungary and to abroad.